Our Story

The Spa Bro Story

Our Mission: Make spa ownership easy, affordable while introducing new ideas to the spa industry.

The Old Way 

Before The Spa Bros...you had to buy a spa from a guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt (nothing wrong with Hawaiian shirts…) who only talked about himself and all the spas he sold over the last 30 years. He made you believe you were getting the deal of a life time “today was your lucky day, because he was taking  $3000 off the price…(AMAZING right?) Wrong.  Or maybe you were lucky enough to have bought a spa from an expo/or fairground where the carnies… we mean salesperson would tell you how amazing of a deal you were getting at the show only to regret your purchase months later, because they don’t have techs, shops or anyone helping you after the sale.          

There has to be a better way:

With so much technology out there and how easy it was to operate a spa, we asked ourselves why are spas so expensive????  And that is where The Spa Bros were born... and because one of us needed to pay off student loan debt. We have sold thousands of spas at an affordable price making spa ownership a reality once afforded to those only with lots of Moolah!!

The New Way:

We have several brands that you can pick and choose from, and if you want we will even make you one… Yes we make our own spas too.  Come in to one of our shops today and find the awesome and affordable spa that fits your needs.


How much we have saved our customers: Possible??? We could start at Over $500,000....