• Get Help From The Spa Bros

    • How long does shipping take?
      Our team of specialists will deliver your spa to your home and install it for you. Shipping times can be a range, but rest assured to know that as soon as we can get it for you, it will be there.
    • What should I look for when buying a hot tub?
      First, don't buy one from a guy who doesn't have a spa... Second, make sure you compare the parts from The Spa Bros tubs to those of our amphibious competitors and the guys who are always on break, it makes it a no brainer...
    • Can I install my own hot tub?
      We highly recommend allowing our team to complete the delivery and installation process. You are free to install your own spa, if you don't mind doing it the right way.
    • Why don't you show pricing for your spas on your website?
      We like working hard for our money, selling online is too easy.  We want you to be a life long customer so we start by meeting you at one of our stores and walking you through the spa sale process.  It's also because our manufacturers won't let us post pricing online so that bigger retail hot tub guys can inflate their prices...
    • How much does a hot tub cost?
      Our prices range from $5K to $10K.
  • Disabled Veteran Program FAQs

    • How do I nominate someone for the program?
      If you know someone who served and could use a spa, please reach out to our team with your contact info!
    • How do you pick who gets the spa?
      We have a list for future donations of disabled veterans in our community. If you know someone in our area who was injured while serving our country, please reach out to our team.
    • Who is eligible for the charity program?

      Anyone who is a disabled veteran that served in our armed forces. We want to help those who fought for our country.

      • Army
      • Marines
      • Navy
      • Air Force
      • Coast Guard
    • What is your disabled veteran program?
      We provide a brand new spa for a disabled veteran for every 40 hot tubs we sell.